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Netchwood Finance Limited are an insolvency practice. Previously based in the Midlands, we relocated to Altrincham (Manchester) in December 2018. We specialise in corporate and personal insolvency solutions. Our team have many years experience advising directors and individuals  dealing with financial distress. Crucially – unlike many web based companies offering liquidation advice – we employ our own in house insolvency practitioner who will personally advise all directors who approach us for advice. We are only too happy to travel the country in order to have face to face meetings with directors (and individuals) in need of financial help.


The current economic climate is placing company directors under an increasing amount of pressure. Cash management has become the key skill-set. Banks are restricting facilities, debtor days are extending and creditors are tightening their terms. When set against a recessionary Eurozone background it is little wonder that directors are turning to their professional advisors for information on their options. Netchwood Finance Limited offer this professional advice.

Individuals are also feeling the pinch.  Stagnant wages and the creeping cost of living is putting pressure on families to make ends meet.  There are numerous options available for those who simply cannot afford to live and to repay their debts.  Call us to discuss these options.


Not all companies that have solvency issues need to shut down. Not everyone who cannot repay their debts needs to be made bankrupt.  These may well be the correct options, but not always. Feel free to navigate this site to understand the various options available. Likewise feel free to call our offices for informal (and free) advice should you want to explore any options further.

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